Social Sec.
With driving power second to none, this distinctly average golfer is known for his generosity in giving himself a "gimme" before he's hit the green.

With dubious self scoring, Baz will be competing at the top of the table. But i guess we all would be if we adopted the same tekkers!

Better with socials than golfing!

Strength: Driving
Weakness: Counting
Chris H
"The ringer"
Although one of the more capable members, bringing the group handicap down considerably, Chris H most definitely fits into the average category we Worm Burners aspire for.

Growing up playing golf on the windy courses of Guernsey. To counter said wind, Chris has adapted his game to include a perfect draw (horrific hook) to his shots. Its just a shame the winds of South West London are unable to blow his wayward ball back on course!

Strength: Golf
Weakness: Distracted by beer offerings
Chris M
Epitomising the Worm Burner ethos, in 10 years has little to no improvement. Freely gives/forces golfing advice on technique on others whilst munching down a mars bar and taking his 8th mulligan of the round.

Adopting a 45 degree stance to the fairway, his slicing motion routinely finds parts of the course some may consider out of bounds.

Strength: Consistently average golfing
Weakness: Likely to burst into flames at the hint of sunshine making summer games somewhat difficult
James A
Who needs golf lessons when you have you tube tutorials?! well as it turns out.... Jim does.

One of the founding members of WBGS, Jim is just as likely to nail a drive 250yards straight down the fairway, as he is to spend his afternoon ferreting around in the woods for his own ball and for that matter, anyone elses ball too.

Strength: Always looking to improve
Weakness: Has been seen to find "his" ball where he didn't hit it
Jim M
Newish to the game. He sets himself just right. Draws back his Dunlop big dog before swinging wildly as if it was the golf ball who stole his hair, and if he hits it hard enough, then it'll give it back. Nevertheless, he personifies the classic Worm Burner willingness to endure the rough with the smooth. By rough i mean where he plays his golf, by smooth i mean his head.

Strength: Will always play
Weakness: You have to pick him up
Matts nemesis: Silvermere, 17th Hole, par 3, over the lake. Having lost near on 12 balls in 3 rounds on this particular hole, you will have to respect his determination to conquer this hole. Sit back and enjoy watching him stand there, head to toe in Dunlop/Donnay sports direct attire and clubs, repeatedly smashing balls into the lake. lovely.

Classic erratic golfing.

Strength: He'll always buy you a lucazade
Weakness: You need to add an hour if playing at Silvermere
This season Max will be looking to take the mantle of "The Ringer" from Chris H. Definitely carrying the burden of improving the overall handicap. Known more for his distinctly average Tennis and even worse boxing, a welcome addition to the Worm Burning fraternity.

Strength: Great to pair up with in golf and beers!
Weakness: May believe he's better than average. must be reminded otherwise regularly by other Worm Burners.
Token Lefty
Having travelled the world, Murray has had the chance to play some of the most incredible golf courses.Of course, in true Worm Burning fashion, he didn't play... at all... not once.
Murray has waited for the chance to enjoy courses like, Earlsfield, Richmond and Godstone.

Our token Lefty, Muzza is our lastest inductee and will be looking to absolutely dominate that lower middle section of the league table.

Strengths: Committed to Worm Burner Touring!
Weakness: Golf
Forget Top Gun! Our resident Pilot Nev, the most dedictated member of WBGS, will fly in from various budget European locations to compete at Worm Burner events.

Well known for his never ending addressing of the ball before showing us the definition of an "OK" shot, Nev will be there with the best of them at the end of each round.... because he's sharing a buggy, score wise he's way off.

Strength: Will play midweek and weekends
Weakness: none. lovely guy.
Nick took a job purely to be based near Top Golf and has been known to play 7 times a week in preparation of facing other members this season.

With a solid short game, Nick is usually let down by his lack of strength and power, probably due to having tiny muscles.

Do not be surprised if you see Nick finish up towards the dizzying heights of mid-table! You have been warned.

Strength: Makes everyone else look ripped
Weakness: Not been seen since Spring 17.
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